VolunTheory is designed to help realize the full potential of the volunteer-organization relationship

Who We Are

The Landscape of Today’s Community Service is unlike anything we have ever seen.

Kris DeGraw Danna has 25 years of non-profit leadership success at organizations such as Brigham and Women’s Hospital, The Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the ESPN X GAMES.

Through innovative community engagement methods, Kris built self-sustaining methods of identifying, engaging, and promoting volunteers that were best-fit matches to roles that added value to the organization. 

THE VOLUNTHEORY SYSTEM applies to all required elements of successful volunteer operations: the volunteer, the organization, and those receiving the service.

We are now proud to offer YOU the invaluable results of The System.

What We Do

Harnessing Today’s Human Capital

Realize the needs of the organization

Understand the deeper intent and value of the volunteer

Design a System that leads to lasting matches and future funding

How We Do It

Our Services