Today’s community service industry is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.​


Each day, thousands of people realize they need to find a volunteer opportunity. The modern reasons are varied:

  • Semi and retired individuals looking to “give back”
  • Corporate employee volunteer programs
  • Students fulfilling required community service learning hours
  • Institutional Community
  • Service Days
  • Civic engagement
  • Leadership development


The challenges we face from having this surge of volunteers:

  • Individuals find it challenging when trying to find a good-fit volunteer opportunity
  • Companies find it challenging when trying to find a nonprofit organization that can utilize employee volunteers for a day of service
  • Non-profit organizations do not want to turn down the influx of requests- yet may have to create last minute “needs” in order to quantify the volunteer activity.


Non-profit organizations are challenged by these well-intentioned individuals and companies that WANT to be helpful, but are not in a position to understand or accommodate what the non-profit may actually NEED.

VolunTheory is designed to help realize the full potential of the volunteer-organization relationship

Our Founder

Kris DeGraw Danna

Kris has spent the last 25 years successfully building Volunteer Systems for world class and diverse nonprofit organizations in the healthcare, cultural, sports, and humanities industries. She also built the first Employee Volunteer Program for Citizens Bank of Massachusetts and taught master’s classes in volunteer management at Simmons University.

Highlights Behind the build-out of Kris’ Volunteer Systems:

  • Developed innovative and sustainable programs and events for 1,800+ student, employee, and volunteer groups that supported management’s fiscal goals and satisfaction in the workplace while staying within a $1M budget.
  • Increased service capacity and improved patient customer service through the development of the benchmark Pre-med Ambassador Program that integrated 700+ pre-med students with hospital service excellence efforts.
  • Created the Office for Sponsored Staff in order to manage risk by uncovering, documenting, and tracking 600+ research assistants, interns, and medical students.
  • Communicated across departments, campuses, and affiliate associations for credentialing and site placements (1,800 annually)
  • Elected by senior management to lead hospital wide initiatives: Staff Satisfaction Improvement teams, oversee the build-out of the hospital’s first Onsite Childcare Center, and PeopleSoft Systems trainer of the trainers.
  • Produced and communicated service learning, workforce development, and mandatory service programs with city and regional preparatory, charter, high school, college, graduate and post-baccalaureate educational institutions.
  • Created and directed a streamlined governance structure for the executive leadership of the Boston Symphony Association of Volunteers (900+).
  • Built relationships and utilized strategic communication with internal and external stakeholders to build effective programming.
  • Created an administrative processes to streamline, assess risk, and professionalize the Office of Volunteer Services.
  • Produced and implemented the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s first set of policies and procedures for 800+ service volunteers in Tanglewood and Symphony Hall.
  • Selected by senior management to produce first Musicians’ Relay Race from Symphony Hall to Tanglewood
  • Improved community relations by managing statewide corporate sponsorships up to $1M, partnerships, outreach and 400+ person events.
  • Statewide administrator for employee satisfaction, communications, and volunteer programs, United Way campaigns, and workforce development in Boston Public Schools.
  • Directed and optimized logistics specific to start line operations
  • Managed athletes, vendors, and 500 volunteers, both corporate and private.
  • Facilitated 15-20 sponsors, exhibitors and local retail vendors and coordinated efforts with state and local police.
  • Pioneered operational protocol for administration of 2,500 volunteers across 27 sports, nine venues, over seven days in front of a global audience to launch X-Games.
Kris DeGraw Danna Headshot

Kris DeGraw Danna
Founder & Principal